First sail, 2017

And first post for this journal.  The year I learned to sail (long ago) I kept a journal where I logged every time I sailed.  I logged the time, the weather, where I sailed, what I did, anything interesting, and what I learned.  I plan to do something similar this year.

So, it was today, April 2, 2017, and I sailed a Cape Cod Mercury at Community Boating (CBI) for…oh, I didn’t look at the time, but surely no more than an hour.  That was time to sail a beat between the nav buoys, sail the length of the basin, stop and adjust the outhaul along the way, and sail a circuit of the practice course on the way back in.  It felt really nice to be on the water again.  I sailed between about 3 and 4 pm (I think).  It was green flag, mostly sunny, air 56F, NNW wind 6 mph with gusts to 12.

Probably the most interesting I noted was how well the boat moved through the water, having a clean and freshly painted bottom.  As the boats sit in the water over the summer they build up a coat of moss, river sludge, and even a few barnacles, all of which makes them increasingly sluggish.

After sailing I sat in on a shore school class.  My goal was to get a more complete idea of what is taught in shore school so that when I talk with new sailors or sail with them I can avoid confusing them with conflicting information.  The students were amazing I thought, remaining attentive through the long class and asking good questions.

Then for the end of the day, a couple of pics.

Sun getting low
Last boat in

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