Omg, racing

Omg, racing on my second day of sailing this year!  The weather forecast was nice for today but rainy for the next couple of days so it was worth a little extra effort to get out and sail a second day in a row.  My kind of weak plan was to practice some of the CBI-approved techniques from shore school yesterday.  It was a weak plan because of course I easily change my mind if there’s anything else interesting.  I learned shortly after arriving that the regular Monday high-performance racers were planning to race in Sonars.  Oh, now that was interesting.

It get’s more interesting.  Me being rated on the Sonars, I ended up with the tiller in my hand.  I had fantastic crew and even more fantastic guest crew for one race and we managed to do okay.

One situation was much like case 15 of the World Sailing Case Book.  That case shows two boats but we were third of three boats approaching the mark on port.  By the case book, we should have been able to hold our course and keep the other two boats from tacking.  Problem was, the first boat started to luff and I could imagine them getting tangled with each other and me with nowhere to go.  I chickened out and bore off below both of them.  Sure enough, one ended up doing a penalty turn, one was slowed in their rounding, and I came out okay going wide around the whole mess.

Racing was between about 6 and 7 pm, green flag, 56F, wind NE 3 – 8 and veering E over the hour.  I wasn’t learning my lesson with the wind shifts.  It happened more than once that I was lured left by nice breeze only to have it lift a little and leave me downwind.  If was picking up on this I could have tried staying right more on the beats.


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