Again I picked today for sailing because the forecast was for gentle winds and again it turned out to be red flag.  Nicely though, the winds were fairly steady.  WSW 10kts gusting to 15 most of the time, with a few gusts up to 20.  It was a pretty gentle red flag, as red flags go.

Stacy was with me again today.  I had prepared her that there might be people looking for informal instruction.  In fact we hadn’t even cleared the front desk when I hear the call from the dockhouse for anyone to give informal instruction.  It was a perfectly beautiful day.  All the Sonars were out.  I suggested we take a Rhodes because it would hold more people.  After a little bit of coordination we got three members to sail with us.

The most important lesson of the day was keeping a lookout.  We were practicing a jibe when there was a loud TOOT beside us.  It was one of the Charles Riverboat cruises and we were about to cross in front of it.  I grabbed the helm and steered us parallel until the boat passed.  Terrible.  None of had seen the boat, including me.  Now, the Charles riverboats are a little different because they go relatively fast, but still, no excuse.


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