About Me

I sail, mostly at Community Boating (CBI) on the Charles River in Boston, Massachusetts.  I’ve sailed there — not every year, but on and off — over 15 years now.  I learned to sail on small lakes in the midwest.  We don’t have an ocean there.  Shortly after I moved to Boston though, I saw the all the little white boats sailing on the Charles basin and thought, I know how to do that!  I learned that Community Boating was affordable and open to all and I joined right away.

I learned to sail as a teen on a Barnett Butterfly, then somewhat later in life I sailed a Nacra 5.0 for a time.  I was fascinated by sailing even before my teens though.  Last year while sharing stories with friends at CBI, I recovered a memory of attempting to sail as a young child, on my air mattress in the public pool, holding up my towel to serve as a sail.