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On a day when it snowed, sleeted, and rained much of the day, three of us showed up for Thursday women’s racing.  We passed on racing and instead took out a Sonar together just to get some time on the water.  Wind was West, flag was green but rather dark, with some vigorous gusts.

The track shows us leaving the mooring, sailing up the length of the basin on a single starboard tack, sailing along the Mass Ave bridge on porket, coming back, and then doing another half lap before getting the boat on the mooring by the posted time for keelboats to be in.

Here’s a shot from our Sonar on the mooring as our ferry arrived at the end of the day.


Last Minute

“Why is the title last minute?” I asked Stacy.  “I don’t know, because we were doing everything at the last minute.  We were late getting out on the water and then we had to be in…”  Huh.  Her perception, having more energy than me, was that I was just managing to get things done at the last minute.  I was maybe dragging a bit and arriving at the dock not quite put together for sailing.  Anyway, we did at the last minute, or last hour anyway, take out Sonar hull 1 for a  short lap under green flag.  I put camera on the boom and shot video.  Here’s a link to a short clip.


Wednesday keelboat

Wednesdays in the past have had co-able keelboat racing.  The co-able part I think is that anyone is invited but people with disabilities are particularly invited.  I sailed a time or two with Mike, who was on the dock this afternoon and happy to sail on a Sonar even if there wasn’t racing.  The two of us sailed Sonar hull 1, flag was yellow, wind was ESE.

Yellow flag is great in CBI keelboats these days.  Dockstaff generally requires keelboats to reef under red flag, so yellow is the strong wind with a full rig.  We sailed two laps to the Mass Ave bridge and back, Mike let me helm the first lap and I turned it over to him for the second.  Absolutely pleasant sailing.

We sailed from about 5 to 6 pm.  We both had plans to be back by 6:30 for a talk by Niko on sail trim.  That was excellent as well.  He had located lots of great images and diagrams illustrating what to pay attention to when thinking about sail shape.